When you marry a Japanese and live in Japan, you need to apply for a status of residence (Visa) “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” .

You will not automatically obtained visa status even if you marry a Japanese.

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Requirements for “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”

  • The marriage procedure has been completed in both countries.

In order for foreigners to marry Japanese and obtain a status of residence, it is necessary that a legal marriage has been established.

Legal marriage refers to the condition that “we are notified of marriage and legally permitted to marry”.

it is necessary to be processed not only in Japan, but also in your country.

  • Being a true marriage

“Spoofing marriage” is prohibited.

  • A stable living

You and your spouse must have enough income to live in Japan.

It can be a couple working together.
One person can work and the other may be a housewife (husband).

Proof of living submits “kazei nouzei syoumeisyo(taxation, tax payment certificate)” or kakuteisinnkokusyo(final income tax return).

Sometimes freelance worker do not file a tax return.

Be careful not making a declaration is treated as having no income.

*If you are divorced, please check here ⇒