Message from the representative

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 In recent years, with the trend of globalization, the number of foreigners living in Japan is increasing.

Many foreigners live without problems, but some foreigners do not understand systemof status of residence and do things they mustn’t do.

It may be difficult for foreigners to understand the various systems in Japan. But I hope you to understand the system and live comfortably.

I myself studied Arabic in the university in Osaka, Japan. I lived in Cairo, Egypt for study while i was university student.

In Egypt I became a minority although I was a majority in Japan. I lived as a “foreigner” in a foreign country with completely different languages ​​and cultural customs.

Sometimes I got a problem because I didn’t know the rule and customs in Egypt, and lots of Egyptian friends helped me.

I got various experiences in there.

I think that foreigners living in Japan also have various experiences every day.

I started the procedure of status of residence in order to support foreigners living in Japan properly having the appropriate status of residence in accordance with the legal system and living in peace.

“A society where individuals can be active beyond nationality, race and religion.
A society that respects the culture of each person and can live together. “


(Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist)