Foreigners staying in Japan have one status of residence in accordance with the purpose of their stay.

“For the purpose of working in Japan” among the status of residence is called “working visa” generally.

If you have a work visa, can you do any work whatever you want to do ?

The types of status of visas (eligible for residence) for working purposes are further divided according to the content of each work.

For example, a language school instructor and an Indian restaurant cook have different status.

It is necessary to apply for the type in accordance with the content of the work when applying to the Immigration Bureau, .

“Working visa” type

There are classified according to common business content.

Office work such as trade office work, sales, public relations, planning

SE, graphic designer, designer

language school instructor, interpreter translation work

Cooks at restaurants specializing in foreign cuisine

○ Tourism such as travel agency and hotels

○ Nursing care staff

What are the requirements for applying?

There are important things when applying for a work visa .

Do you have practical experience in the field related to work content or have you studied related field at university etc?

Even if a person with no cooking experience applies as a cook or a person who has never learned information processing as an SE, it is difficult to get a visa.

It is because it isn’t related what you have learnt at a university etc. or you have no practical experience.