When a foreigner wants to start a business in Japan, it is necessary to have a residence status called “keiei kannri” – means management.

What are the requirements to apply the management visa?

It is necessary to satisfy the requirements described below to get “keiei-kanri”.

1.To prepare an office separately from home.

2.Correspond to any of the following.

 a) To invest more than 5 million yen as a capital of your company.

 – it is necessary to clarify how you prepared for the money.

b)To employ the regular staffs more than two .

 – it does not matter to the nationality, but if you want to employ a foreigner please check his/her resident state. Some states are prohibited to working. In addition, the applicant cannot include it in an employee.

The business plan is necessary in addition to the above requirement.

You must tell the immigration bureau that your business will grow up and continuity.