When foreigners divorced from Japanese

Unfortunately, there are some cases where even a lovingly married couple gets divorced.

In the case of Japanese and foreign married couples get divorced, you have to submit a divorce notice to the government office.

 And if you(foreign spouse) have “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” visa and you want to stay in Japan after divorce, you have to change your visa’s status.

It is because you are not spouse of Japanese when you stop to continue marrying with Japanese people.

 “I have a time of residence, so I don’t have to do anything until then.”

There are some people who are divorced from Japanese people say like this.

However, if you get divorced, you have to notify immigration.

Some people think that bad things will happen if you notify immigration, but it will be worse if you do not report.

It is a necessary procedure, so don’t forget do it.

What kind of visa will you change to?

Switch to work visa
・ You had work visa before marriage and continue working in the same company after marriage.

・ You retired or changed your job after getting married, but you meet the requirements for getting a work visa.

 In this is the case, a change to a work visa may be considered.

 If you have been married to some extent and have children

In such a case, if the child is young and needs to be relegated, it may be possible to change to a “resident” visa.